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Installation Instructions –Capri Lining.


  1. On delivery make sure to store all panels on a flat surface in a cool dry area and do not remove from packaging until ready for installation to avoid potential damage to panels. 
  2. When carrying Capri lining boxes always carry them on the edge.
  3. When removing panels from the packaging do not slide boards from the end, open pack down the centre where taped and lift boards as required. Keep panels under cover to avoid temperature fluctuations during installation. 
  4. Check all panels for any damage prior to cutting and installing, only install panels in perfect condition. Spacing for timber or steel supports is recommended to be but no more than 600mm centres. For areas of high wind exposure (i.e. close to the ocean) we recommend not more than 450mm joist centres.
  5. Use J/Trims for all exposed edges and ends and H/Trims for joining of sheets were a butt joint is required, use internal and external corner trims or cornice trims where applicable. All trims should be fixed by using a small blob of glue at each joist and pinned or stapled.
  6. Capri lining is suitable for OUT OF WEATHER application only i.e. NO direct sunlight or NO direct rain.
  7. Ensure that all joists are flat and level, this can be done by placing a string line between the first and last joist along a run and adjust all intermediate joists to suit.
  8. Use the stainless steel support clips and screws, by sliding clips along the wide edge of the boards to line up to your support joists, one clip to every support beam (5800mm board will require 12 clips at 450mm centres and 10 clips per board at 600mm centres)
  9. Use the screws supplied for fixing into timber or equivalent strength screws or rivets for fixing to metal supports, drive the screws home tight so not to foul the next sheet sliding into place.
  10. When using PVC panelling allow (5mm) gap at each end to allow for expansion for those 40deg days during our Australian summer.
  11. It is also recommended to use Soudal SMX35 stretch adhesive (white colour) to secure panels to your timber or metal supports. (One blob about the size of a 20c piece in the centre of the boards at each joist where the sheets touch the timbers or metal supports). Available from where you purchased your Capri lining.
  12. Important, make sure the air above the installed panels has adequate ventilation and/or insulation to stop build-up of air pressure on hot days, due to trapped air becoming overheated and putting downward pressure on the panels. Use whirlybirds, air vents and insulation to achieve this.
  13. All installations should be done by qualified carpenters or trades people experienced in installing panelling products. 

Cleaning, Care and Maintenance.

  • After installation or as cleaning is required use a spray and wipe and soft cloth to remove fingerprints and dust particles. DO NOT use any harsh chemicals or cleaning agents.
  • The use of fire pits, BBQs or external heaters directly below Capri lining should be avoided at all costs.

Following the above instructions will guarantee the best installation outcome and ongoing performance possible.

If any further information is required please ring our office and speak to one of our experienced consultants.

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